The Challenge

90 Day Leadership Challenge


Utilizing evidence based assessments to determine your leadership strengths.

What Is The 90 Day Leadership Challenge?

The 90 Day Leadership Challenge is a comprehensive, short-term process to assess your current leadership skills and identify areas for growth and improvement. The Challenge is designed for CEO’s, middle managers, and other management personnel seeking to improve their abilities as they transition through various phases of their lives and careers.

How does it work?

The 90 Day Leadership challenge uses evidence-based materials to help identify your behavioral patterns and traits. From there we will work with you to look at your tendencies and patterns from a strategic mindset in order to redirect these patterns and help you to make better decisions going forward through your transition.

The first step is administering the Management By Strengths (MBS) test to gain a comprehensive baseline understanding of your communication and decision making style. This information will determine how we move forward and personalize the process of the Challenge to your unique needs. We will work with you by providing coaching sessions to help you better understand the underlying factors and thought processes that may be holding you back from your full leadership potential.

Over the course of the 90 days of the Challenge you will receive up to 2 feedback reports detailing your progress. The type of reports we use will be based on the type of transition you are going through and what we believe will provide the greatest benefit for you.

Evidence-Based Assessments

Sector Management uses a variety of assessment tools to judge how best to assist our clients. The assessment reporting tools we use in the 90 Day Leadership Challenge are listed below. During the course of the Challenge we will provide you with up to 2 of the following assessments based on what we think will be the most beneficial to your development.

HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory)

HDS (Hogan Development Survey)

MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory)

Leadership Circle

Leadership Traits K2 Survey