Sustainable Leadership, Retention, & Transition Support Strategies

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Helping you develop personally & professionally.

Leadership Capacity

We provide coaching to improve your ability to effectively lead a team or organization.

Assessment Strategies

Determining how your organization operates allows us to identify your leadership's strengths and weaknesses.

Shaping Strategies

We can develop new strategies that take full advantage or the areas where your leaders are strongest.

Accelerating Development

We utilize evidence-based techniques to help new and upcoming leaders develop their skills faster.

Leadership Presence

Leadership Presence is grounded in a person’s character, values, and the behaviors they exemplify. Increasing organizational capacity and adding value is an ongoing process requiring individuals and groups to explore personal growth through developing leadership and leadership skills.

Smart Coaching

Utilizing master coaching principles can become a foundation for sustainable leadership patterns and improve key initiatives. Smart coaching integrates proven coaching principles into the governance and policies of an organization to help foster value-added behavior and interaction.


Developing the ability to  properly analyze and direct resources is an essential skill for leaders. This includes the capacity to direct critical talent resources, identify methods of improving and maintaining employee engagement, evaluate new hires, and determine the scope of job requirements.

Board Development

There are a wide variety of different Board types, all of which serve unique purposes and have different stages to progress through during their creation. Understanding business cycles and how to integrate leaders from different sectors is the key to sustainably developing Boards.

Team Building

From building independence and trust to improving interpersonal communication, identification of issues that a team is facing is key to addressing group challenges.  The goal of any team building strategy should be to integrate team building into the daily structure of the organization to achieve continuous engagement among employees.

Mentor Coaching

Individual guidance and transfer of knowledge are critical aspects of any organization. The primary goal of reciprocal mentoring is to foster an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill levels can support each other’s professional growth and development.

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