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Sector Management Consulting Group - Coaching

Mentor Coaching

Sector Management can assist your organization by providing mentor coaching services to your team leaders. We can help identify your leader’s abilities and help them develop strategies to take advantage of their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses.

Sector Management Consulting Group - Coaching

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a process where a coach works closely with a business owner to help their business succeed by providing guidance, support, and encouragement. Sector Management can provide you with experienced business coaching and help your business achieve its potential.

Sector Management Consulting Group - Coaching

Life Coaching

If you are suffering from difficulties with challenges in your career or personal life, life coaching may be right for you. Sector Management’s life coaches can help identify specific problems you are facing and help you develop personalized strategies to overcome them.

Work with Us

Thank you for your interest in working with Jim Milner Master Strategy Coach (JMMSC) – Business & Life. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a partner supporting your personal and professional leadership development. During our time together we will work through a process we refer to as The Eco-System of You© with strategic thinking at the center of our work. As partners we will discover your preferred approach to communicating with others, the blind spots and derailing elements impacting your leadership, and unpack personal beliefs that may be stopping you from achieving your goals.

JMMSC incorporates evidence-based strategies and frameworks to inform the coaching and strategy sessions. This strategic approach will yield critical information which we will use to develop an individualized plan to help you grow. The learning outcome will include identifying the watermark of your generational tolerance and preferred communication and leadership styles dominating the core behaviors that may negatively and/or positively impact sustainable leadership.

Our Charities of Choice

For every hour of coaching you pay for we contribute to these four charities:

Feeding American SE

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Vet Place Central

LBGT Community Center

Help us reach our goal of giving to each of the above community service organizations!


Call us at 414.221.9500 for details of our working agreement and rules of engagement.