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We at Sector Management believe that the foundation of an effective organization stems from its leadership. A skilled leader can elevate an entire organization and improve efficiency at both the executive and employee levels.

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Jim Milner - Sector Management Consulting Group
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Mentor – Master Strategy Coach and supporting leaders in transition. He provides internal and external Coach Mentor Training to individuals and small to medium size companies. He builds effective teams, strong collaborations and strengthens value added partnerships.

Jim has over 25 years of experience in personal and professional development. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration; he holds a Master Coaching Certification (MCC) from the International Coaching Federation; and he is a Board Certified Leadership Coach (BCLC). He has Certificates and Certifications in MBTI, Negotiations, and Conflict Resolutions. He has written and developed training frameworks and workbooks titled; “Smart Coaching”, “Reciprocal Mentoring”, and “Creating a Coaching Culture”.

Jim is currently serving as the Chairman of Board for African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin, Past-President of the International Coaching Federation, Wisconsin Chapter, President-Elect for the Midwest Regional Advisory Council (MRAC), Vice President of the ICF Independent Review Board (IRB) focused on ethics, board member of Martin Luther King Jr. Economic Development Corporation and the International Rotary Club of Milwaukee.

Key Initiative Support

Sector Management Consulting Group provides support for a number of initiatives that are integral to a functional organization. Supporting and improving these initiatives can significantly improve the overall functionality of teams within an organization.

A team is made up of individuals, each with their own perspectives, drives, and goals. Building an effective team means taking all of the potential members into consideration as individuals and ensuring their leaders have the tools needed to support them. Sector Management can assist by providing your leaders with training in three critical areas.

Employee Engagement

Team Building

Strategic Communication

Workplaces have become an increasingly blended environment, with most businesses employing individuals from varied cultural and generational backgrounds. Diversity can be a valuable source of experience that can enhance an organization’s efficiency and profitability. However, many leaders fail to take advantage of these resources, or do not fully understand how to interact with these team members. Sector Management can provide you with the tools to tap into these resources with training in the following areas.

Cultural Dimensions

Generational Tolerance

Executives and other business leaders occupy singularly important positions within their organizations. Great executives and leaders recognize that the learning to be a great leader is an ongoing process. If your organization wants to improve the capabilities of its leaders, or if you are in a leadership position and would like to receive coaching, Sector Management can provide support and training in the following areas.

Executive Coaching

Structural Stability

Acquisition, Retention & Transition Assessments

Strategic Governance

Our Philosophy

We believe that leadership presence is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic personal and professional development program.

Our Team

Everyone in our firm, from our receptionist to our founder, has one goal in mind - to help you grow and reach your personal and professional goals.


We are certified by the International Coaching Federation to serve as mentors to individuals seeking to enhance their coaching skills.